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Growing up in Liverpool and having worked in London, Manchester and Northampton I though I would start a series of articles looking at the best places around the UK starting with looking at UX jobs Liverpool.

Over the years I have actually never worked in my hometown so I though it would be interesting to see what the UX industry is like now in the North West.

Catch ups

The first thing I found during my research was the really cool Liverpool branch of the Human-Centered Design Group @HCDGroupOrg. Founded in 2012 they have regular coffee catchups for ux designers in Liverpool to share and discover new skills. This seems like a great way for local designers to get out there and expand their network. If you are interested their website is

Still on the theme of events going a bit further the BBC do a UX Catch up in Salford Keys for designers in the North West.

This year this is on the 20th April and tickets are available via Event Brite.

In Manchester there are a couple more events including UX in the City which is in May at the Studio in Manchester.

All pretty great to meet local designers, just a short train ride away.


Over the last few years there seems to have been a couple of really good UX agencies pop up. This includes Kitsune Studio over in L1 and on their website they have some really good projects including a design for the worlds first virtual reality social network. Check them out at

Studio Mashbox in the Cotton Exchange have recently announced expansion with new client wins, new recruits and relocation to bigger premises. Their clients include Liverpool Football Club, SwissRE, MTV creative director Paul Caslin and global media company NBC University which is pretty amazing.

Read about the expansion from the echo:

Job wise a decade back I found it really difficult to find a digital design job in Liverpool. Just taking a look around the internet this seemed to have changed. This is due to the success of the local agencies and even locally based recruiters moving home trying to differentiate themselves from the over saturated London market.

On a whole the future looks very bright for Liverpool. The great designers and recruiters I have talked to are full of promise for the next few years. As remote working is stating to grow I can only see the talent in Liverpool and the North staying instaid of the yearly flock of graduates down to London.

If you are interested in working in Liverpool then keep an eye out on our jobs section and sign up. You can add your profile and CV to your resume section. This allows you to stand out to recruiters who use our jobs board to help ux designers like you find your next role. We have recruiters from all around the country use our candidate search every day and adding a profile will allow you to stand out.

Good luck looking for UX jobs Liverpool!

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